Week 2, January 2006

Turbo Charged

A fun shoot for a great client of mine, HPA Motorsports. HPA specializes in taking an everyday Volkswagen, filling it full
of high performance parts, including turbo chargers (shown here) and nitrous injection kits, then putting the car back on
the street, but looking pretty much like a stock VW... until the driver taps the gas pedal.
Look out Mustangs!!

An exciting client to shoot for from the car aspect of it, but was also fun to visit with my 4 year old son, Graydon.
He loves to see the cars, with the technicians working on them. Alot of HPA's cars maintain their stock image.
Some will get an exterior makeover as well, which to Graydon turns them into "life size Hot Wheels cars".

See the full range of products and services at www.hpamotorsports.com

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