Week 4, January 2006


In September of 2005, my photography business went through a bit of a change. I closed down my 1500 sq. ft. warehouse of a studio, and moved the office to our new home in Cloverdale.

Because of the crazy hours I typically work in a week, having the office at home affords me more time with family while still keeping up with the workflow.

The new "digs" have a great space for meeting clients, as well my office and production area. Though I no longer have the large camera room, it really hasn't presented a problem. The question I hear quite often now is "Where will you do product photography and business portraits etc?" My answer, "On location"

Much of my product and other commercial work over the years has already been on location, sometimes for convenience to the client, sometimes because the product is simply too large to move.
Clients love it! It saves them from taking a day out of their busy schedules, and the expense of transporting products back and forth.

Having adequate space to set up a location studio is sometimes a challenge. Even small products can sometimes require elaborate lighting setups. It's comical sometimes where we end up shooting. Everything from storage rooms, photocopy rooms, board rooms and corners of the warehouse have been our "studio-on-the-go"

Here is a typical situation where the client's boardroom became a studio for a day. In this case it was Dick's Lumber, who required images for their web site and printed ads.

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Great News!!
We now have confirmed dates for the first session of our 2006 classes
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