Week 1, February 2006

Counting the "Counters"

As a continuation of the
"Studio-on-the-Go" theme,
here is a series of images created for the accounting firm, Mackay LLP.

Very much like school photography, each of the the staff members came through my little studio setup, sat up on the stool, I tried to be funny to coax a natural "happy" expression, fired off 5 or 6 shots, then sent them back to their class... I mean desk.

Though not highly technical in nature, this shoot had its challenges. 1 being space, the other making sure all staff were there and "accounted" for. (sorry, couldn't resist).

The MacKay staff that I photographed were in two offices, one in Surrey, one downtown Vancouver.
At the Surrey office, I found adequate space for my setup between the photocopier and the water cooler. The downtown branch had a decent size board room, that had just enough space.

Great News!!
We now have confirmed dates for the first session of our 2006 classes
For info and registration click here

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