Week 1, January 2009

Welcome Back!!

Happy New Year! "Shot of the Week" returns after taking a long (but "wow time flies") break. Each week I'll be posting an image, sometimes two, just to share some of the interesting work that comes my way. I hope you enjoy the images that follow. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail if you have any questions or comments about the images.

Sam & Luke

You've GOT to see and hear these guys perform, to believe just how good they are. I had the pleasure of first seeing Sam perform at a junior talent competition early in the year. I was amazed!! It was the kind of performance where I had give myself a bit of a kick, to snap out of the trance and remind myself that i was supposed to be shooting!
Later in the year I was commisioned by Sam (17) and Luke (13) to create some images they could used for promotional purposes. It was a great shoot! They have so much spirit and conviction in their music, even when they're playing "unplugged" for a photo shoot.

To get a taste of what Sam and Luke can do with a great tune, check out one of their recent performances on YouTube

Click here


Father and Son

Had to squeeze in one more! Born December 5, 2008, Jonathan Doerksen (he's the tiny one). Congratulations to his parents, Jennifer and Dale, and also to his older siblings, William, Caroline and Madison.

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"Shot of the Week" is brought to you by Christopher M. Johnson Photography as a way of sharing images that were a part of the workflow for that given week. In this weekly posting, I hope to share with you interesting images of all types, including Wedding, Portrait, Commercial and whatever else the lens might see.
Also in the posting will be announcements for promotions, events, classes and other points of interest.

Thanks, I hope you enjoyed the "Shot of the Week"


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