Week 3, June 2009

One of my favourite shoots this year so far!! This session, for Zodiac-Hurricane boats, had all the elements!! Great weather, choppy seas to illustrate the boats abilities, high speed action, and a HELICOPTER!

The shoot took place off Race Rocks, a 5 minute flight off the coast of Victoria. The purpose of the photography was to illustrate new technology that the boats had, designed to isolate the passengers from the pounding of racing through rough water. These boats are typically used in military, fishery and Coast Guard rescue situations, where getting the crew to the "action" in one piece, and not fatigued by the rough ride, is paramount. To best illustrate the Zodiacs, both photography and video was used, and because of the high speeds, upwards of 40-50 knots, the only way to shoot it was from the air. Myself and the videographer spent the better part of a few hours hanging out the side of the chopper (doors off) shooting, while our pilot got us in close on the action. It was a great shoot for sure!

The recipe: Canon 5D MkII, 70-200/f4 L Series lens, ISO 500, F5.6, 1/2500 second exposure
Additional gear: Robinson R44 Helicopter, with great seat belts!


Side note: In case you were wondering, you haven't missed any of the previous of the "Shots of the Week" in your inbox, because there havent been any, due to heavy workload. Doing my best to get back in the saddle and
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